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However you found your way, I'm glad you're here.

I'd like to tell you a story. In September of last year I was in a rough place. I hadn't written a decent song in a long time and I started to really dislike the stuff that was coming out. You know that Springsteen line, "wanna change my clothes my hair my face." Kind of like that. I decided I needed to do something about it and I rented a cabin in South Georgia for a week. I loaded up my little hatchback with all of the gear I had and set up a little studio in this two bedroom shack on a lake. I read Flannery O'Connor, ate rare steak, wrote, drank good whiskey, napped and recorded. It was stressful at first, I was tough on myself, always have been. But I ended up with five new songs and I liked them. Then I wrote five more, and a couple more after that.

I ended up with something close to a record. We'll find out. That is to say, I'm currently in the process of recording a new record at Emissary Studios with some of my best friends here in Orlando, Florida. In the past couple years I've release two records that I'm really proud of, The Edge of America and Sundowner. They're different records and this one will be too. It's called Hard Luck Soft Rock. What feels like luck usually proceeds a lot of hard work. And well, that's what we're doing.

In my younger years I would worry myself sick about an idea of success but it felt like the finish line just kept moving two steps in front of me. I'm not so worried about that finish line now, I just want to enjoy the run. When my grandma was alive I used to bring her a beer on the porch, always Miller Lite, and I'd ask her how she was. Her answer was always, "better now that you're here."

My name is Mike Dunn. I'm a singer and a songwriter. A teacher. A husband. A son. A brother and a friend.

I'd like to call you one of mine and I am so much better now that you're here.


Your Friend,

Mike Dunn